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So, it would only make sense that people engage more with this form of marketing than traditional sales copy. And do you know what one thread ties all of these stories together? They all tell tales that include pain, and even suffering. The reason for this is called the negativity bias. A good story welcomes the reader, live action, into the story. It engages their mind and ignites their feelings. It has the power to take them on an adventure and really get the juices flowing. This person displays the following characteristics: arrogance, egocentricity, pompousness, inconsiderateness, self-indulgence, narcissism, excessive pride.

Root cause: fear of life, others, and self; desire to regain control. This person displays the following characteristics: paranoia, obsessiveness, suspiciousness, finicky, demanding, masochistic, compulsive behavior.

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This person displays the following characteristics: secretive, impulsive, frivolous, irresponsible, deceitful, unreliable. This person displays the following characteristics: moody, melodramatic, manipulative, weepy, overemotional, impulsive, changeable. This person displays the following characteristics: suspicious, jealous, possessive, bossy, obsessive.

Root cause: protection against feeling too vulnerable. This person displays the following characteristics: negative, overcritical, patronizing, resentful, cantankerous.

Shadow Self: How to Embrace Your Inner Darkness (3 Techniques) ⋆ LonerWolf

Root cause: fear of others, mistrust of life, closed heart. This person displays the following characteristics: ruthless, vengeful, bitchy, quick-tempered, quarrelsome. Root cause: fear and rejection of the unknown, chaos, and ego death. This person displays the following characteristics: uptight, intolerant, obstinate, uncompromising, inflexible, narrow-minded. This person displays the following characteristics: superficial, cunning, inconsistent, sly, crafty.

Root cause: buried grief, fear, and shame numbness is a defense. This person displays the following characteristics: emotionally detached, distant, indifferent, uncaring, unexcited. Root cause: repressed sexual energy, possible unresolved childhood wounds. This person displays the following characteristics: sadistic, lustful, depraved, corrupt. Root cause: refusal to grow up, lack of individuated ego.

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This person displays the following characteristics: puerile, petty, immature, illogical, simpleminded, vacuous. How many of these inner Monsters can you relate to? Keep in mind that this list only explores the dark side of the shadow, not the light side where the positive repressed qualities of our nature are buried.

If we face up to our dark side, our life can be energized. If not, there is the devil to pay. Many religions symbolize these experiences well. When I write about embracing or integrating your shadow self, I do not mean to indulge in any desire that arises within you.

Indulging your anger, for instance, will simply result in more anger. Accepting your darkness will allow you to take responsibility for yourself, and once you truly acknowledge one of these dark traits instead of avoiding them, suddenly, they will stop having control over you. By being honest with ourselves and accepting our shadow elements, it frees us up to truly witness the uncharted areas of our minds, allowing us to see that we are not these elements, but simply possess thoughts, feelings, and drives that come and go. To completely experience self-love we must learn to honestly face our Shadow Selves, and voyage into the dark, murky waters of the unknown courageously.

It is not an indulgence of the darker parts of our natures, but an acceptance and direct experience of them in the light of mindful awareness and deep honesty. This is the entire opposite of many self-denying traditional spiritual methods of subduing, denying, or ascetically disciplining the self.


To live differently as is the aim and motivation of this website , is to be authentic. And in order to be authentic, we have to face and embrace all parts of our inner selves — that which is culturally uncommon or bizarre. Exploring your darkness is not necessarily all doom and gloom. There are several different ways to get to know and explore your Shadow. I explore some simple shadow work practices below:. Art is the highest form of self-expression and also a great way to allow your Shadow to manifest itself. Simply get a blank piece of paper, find a quiet place, and turn your attention inwards.

Even the strangest mental images or scenarios can hold a seed of wisdom, helping to reveal hidden feelings, thoughts, or memories. Make sure you approach this activity non-judgmentally and with an open mind. So be gentle and receptive. Allow whatever to arise, arise. His story details the life of a Professor who becomes so separated and overwhelmed by his Shadow that he comes to the verge of suicide, only to realize that the redemption of the Ego is solely possible if the Shadow is redeemed at the same time. Writing a story where you project your Shadow elements onto the characters is a great way to learn more about your inner darkness.

This practice will help shine a light on the bright and darker elements of your nature.

Embrace the Dark Side

Reading through your journal entries can also help you recover the balance you need in your life, and accept both light and dark emotions within you. The Shadow describes the part of the psyche that an individual would rather not acknowledge. Projection also helps us to avoid taking responsibility for ourselves and instead helps us to make others the culprits and scapegoats for our unresolved issues.

However, projection is actually a powerful shadow work tool that helps us explore our Shadow Selves when done deliberately. In a nutshell, use the world as a mirror. Observe what you secretly like or dislike in other people, entertainment outlets TV, books , and situations. For instance, current movies and television shows reflect our deep interest in the darker aspects of ourselves. Watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch reunite with Salem. Sabrina reveals two roles will be bigger in Part 3. Sabrina star teases season 3 storylines.

The hidden secrets in Sabrina characters' names. Chilling details you might have missed in Sabrina. Why Sabrina's ep 3 is the most important yet.